Sat. Oct 24th, 2020

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California Beachgoers.

Riverside County COVID-19 Update

Cabin Fever combined with exceptionally well weather could later prove to be disastrous for some Huntington beachgoers.
Despite the somewhat strict Stay at Home order and local signage, stating that the beach was closed, beachgoers still flocked to the sand to enjoy a day of sunshine. While the presence of beachgoers was very evident, the one thing that was missing was, was local law enforcement, enforcing the local Stay at Home order.
If you are one of the hundreds that went to the beach this past Saturday, SoCal Neighbor has a few questions for you.
1. Did you wear a mask? (Many did not)
2. Did you sanitize after touching public structure? (like the crosswalk button)
3. Were you down wind of someone sneezing or coughing or maybe just a heavy breather? ( I have no clue and neither do you)
4. Will you head back to work on Monday, without being tested and quite possibly, infect someone who obeyed the Stay at Home order like a responsible person (We’ll probably never know)
5. Will you be tested and inform all of the people that you came within 6 feet of during your Cabin fever relief effort at the beach? (Probably not, unless you asked for phone numbers and email addresses of everyone you passed, which would really be bad.)
Look, I sympathize with everyone of the people that ventured out to enjoy the beautiful weather. We are all in this together.
However, if one person infects someone else or was infected by someone at the beach, was it really worth it?
…Please let’s all try to stay safe and keep our germs to ourselves.