Mon. Jan 18th, 2021

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Here are some ways to beat the cabin fever.

1. Family Game Night. Get the kids together or just you and you spouse and see who’s the best at whatever game you choose. Gain bragging rights for what looks like many more game nights to come.

2. Cooking with the Kids. This can be fun on any day, it allows parents to learn while teaching the kids, while acting like we already know…enjoy!

3. Focus on Goals. Eventually, life will get back to normal for everyone. Why not go back to work or the regular world with more knowledge than you had previously. Sites like and are great affordable options with a variety of choices.

4. Exercise. This is never bad for anyone, just don’t do too much. I’ve also heard that it helps to build the immune system which can help fight off anything that might come your way.                        

5. Complete a book that you’ve started but haven’t been able to complete for whatever reason. Carve out some time to finally get it done.